Will nature tolerate Human Defiance?

Skrivuppgift, Engelska 1.

As we are approaching the second millennium we are becoming more and more alienated from nature. Science is, in fact, trying to defy the unbreakable laws of evolution. Which were once regarded as being untouchable.

These signs of alienation are everywhere. Let me draw up some self-explanatory examples: No one wants to grow old before they die, and plastic surgery makes sure that you do not have to. Words and body-language are being replaced by ones and zeros. And DNA-engineers are examining the possibility of”improving” mankind by altering its very core, namely, the genes.

And if their intentions are to be realized it will be the end of handicap and other deviations. It will result in the birth of a super human – free from flaws, and neither God nor nature will be credited for design. It will truly be the finest hour of science. Or will it? Could it be that science, by playing God, is putting the human race in jeopardy? To me everything seems upside down. It is matter over mind.

Furthermore, Computer engineers have created an artificial reality for us. I am of course referring to the virtual reality technology (and the Internet), that enables us to communicate, travel, do our errands and even satisfy our sexual needs through the computer. But,  have these devices been created just for decomplicating life ? Are they merely convenience-tools? Or are they, in fact, tools created as a means of escape? And if that is the case: Why would we try to invent an artificial reality?

I believe it has to do with the fact that we cannot stand ourselves. Two million years of evolution spawned (what we so eloquently refer to as the crown jewel of creation)the birth of man. But, a hundred thousand years of additional evolution has made the collective human-conscious disappointed. We still have not managed to erase the many flaws of the human nature. Various disasters caused, directly or indirectly, by humans (such as famines, wars, pollution and oppression) are still present and increasing. But instead of facing our greatest fear – ourselves – we are trying to escape the hardships of life with the help of the cutting edge technology that science provides. Science is trying to accomplish what evolution failed to. Namely, to create the flawless human being. This will undoubtedly result in further alienation from nature.

Only time can tell what awaits us in the future. Maybe all the new technologies will manage to defy nature and spawn happiness for the next generation. Maybe not. But it is, however, important that we ask ourselves if we want the human of tomorrow to be a DNA/plastic-improved being that communicates with ones and zeros. And even more importantly – will nature tolerate such a creature?